About These Years

After a personal health scare and then losing my father unexpectedly in 2013, I kept daydreaming about what it would be like to live my life more purposefully. As the year went on, my daydreaming turned more practical and I had a chance to save up and fund my own “life sabbatical.”

So on June 1, 2015, I left my cushy exec job where I’d been for 8 years and committed to spend a year taking new chances. “Leap and a net will appear,” said John Borroughs – so this space is meant to capture the nets and journeys in this next year.

Since that time, this previously overworked, always plugged-in, over-scheduled gal is learning to go a little slower, live a little more, and be open to new roads for a more years of life.



Dedicated to Daniel John Graham, 1943-2013


5 thoughts on “About These Years

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