My Year of Life: The 12-Month Milestone

On June 1, 2015, I walked into the office building where I had spent tens of thousands of hours and dropped off my laptop and ID badge. I rode down the high-rise elevator one last time and walked out into the summer sunshine.

After 8 years of rising the ranks at a booming, global dot-com, I was without title, company, industry, and paycheck.

I posted my reflections on this last year on LinkedIn. Thanks for being part of my journey and I’m eager to see where this next Year of Life takes me….



4 thoughts on “My Year of Life: The 12-Month Milestone

  1. Hi Kristin – good for you!! My story is a lot like yours and thought you might appreciate hearing from a kindred spirit. I left my well paid corporate job in April 2015 after 20 years of striving to take time off to enjoy life, play stay at home dad and figure out what I really want to do with my career.

    So glad I didn’t listen to colleagues and recruiters who tried to pull me back into corporate life after just a few months and held firm to my commitment to take off at least a year. It took a full 6 to 9 months to fully unwind and start getting clarity on my priorities. I’m now looking to go into something where I can have more passion and purpose.

    Let me know if you ever write a book on the benefits of taking extended time off, I’d be happy to contribute. It was the best career decision I ever made. So nice to read about someone that has also cracked the sabbatical code!

    Brandon in Denver

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  4. Hi – I found your blog through a LinkedIn post that caught my eye. I’m planning to take a career break later this year and in the meantime am living vicariously through those who have already done it!


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