Sun & Fun: Tips for Family Vacation in Walt Disney World

As a travel nerd, it’s always such a thrill when anyone reads about our family adventures. I started this blog to capture moments on this self-funded life sabbatical knowing the time would go so quickly. And it has – it’s been just over 10 months since I left corporate life and started traveling, talking about traveling, and living the day-to-day with two kids, a husband, and an active dog up here Seattle.

Along the way, I have received so much advice and encouragement. I’m especially grateful for the support of my friends and fellow travel parents at Travel With Kids. I’m thrilled that they are sharing my extra-geeky travel tips on Disney. From a recent Disneyland road trip on Christmas Day to the amazing Aulani in Hawaii to a full week in Walt Disney World in February, our family has logged a lot of air (and feet) miles around Disney destinations.

I’m honored to be included as a guest blogger on this fantastic site and hope you all go click, link, and like my post: Sun & Fun: Tips for Family Vacation in Walt Disney World


So many of the great Disney tips are from my fellow Disney lovin’ friends so please share any additional ideas to keep the nerd connection alive.

If you wanna track these sabbatical/travel adventures, there is a “Follow” box at the very end of this post that will send you email alerts (and possible good karma) with new posts.


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