Stay on Your Feet: Standing Back Up After Getting Get Knocked Down

Being a parent is really hard.

I have two boys of the rough-and-tumble variety. They’re usually covered in bruises and scrapes from a variety of activities. Falling down is never a problem, they literally dust off and run back into play.

Recently they both got knocked down by other kids at school and how they handled it taught me more than I taught them. It also changed the way I approached an issue I was obsessing on and led me to write a LinkedIn post about standing back up.

Here’s an excerpt and I’d love to hear how you all have dusted off and got back in the game:

My oldest son started middle school a few weeks ago. One day when he was playing football at lunch, another boy knocked him down three times during the game. He came home annoyed – saying he wanted to work out more, get stronger, and not be so “wobbly” on his feet.

A week later, my other son got pushed down by a classmate before school. He was embarrassed and frustrated. He seemed more upset that he got knocked off his feet than that this kid pushed him. A couple days later, the other boy pushed him again and he scooted a couple feet to the side but didn’t fall down.

The next day as he was leaving for school, I asked him how would handle it if the boy came up to him again. “I plan to stay on my feet today,” he said.

As a parent, I was running around talking to the teachers and administrators at the schools about both issues. My sons, meanwhile, were focused on how to get back up.

View full post here.


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