Take a Vacation: You’ll Still Be Important When You Get Back

Laptop-On-BeachAll this summer sunshine motivated me to reflect on previous summers and how I spent them glued to technology. I wrote about this on LinkedIn.

Writing about career stuff is easy – writing about how I got consumed by it is really hard (and embarrassing). But hopefully some of you can relate or maybe recognize someone who was like me. Either way, enjoy these lasts weeks of summer. I’ll be sipping on a frosty lemonade for all of us.

Here’s an excerpt:

As much as I would complain about endless emails and back-to-back meetings, I enjoyed being overscheduled. I didn’t like being late but I was a lot. I would breeze in places with an air of excused tardiness. Actually, I acted like a jerk. I would reschedule time with my team members and plow through email while in meetings when people were talking.   

Taking calls while shrugging apologetically at my husband meant that I was somebody. Having the family go ahead without me to meals was a secret sign of success: Just a little while longer, honey, mommy’s a big deal right now.

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