What Time Feels Like When You Have Lots Of It

I’m sitting on my outdoor deck enjoying the dusk of an 80-degree Seattle day. My dog is on the ottoman, panting from our long walk after dinner. Today marks my sixth day of not working. It still feels like it’s just a really long holiday weekend.

The recovering workaholic in me seems to think my email account just hasn’t synced yet and keeps checking for the red number on the mail icon on my phone. It feels like I’m cheating and I’ll have to do all my work….tomorrow. Only tomorrow starts and I’m busy not working.

Life hums along around me. It doesn’t care that I used to be important, that I used to have a title, manage a budget, sit on nonprofit boards, and drive too fast because I was always late.

My commute now is in tennis shoes or flip flops. I’m doing my second Half Marathon next Saturday so I’ve been able to get my training runs in without procrastinating and without setting the alarm for 5:30 a.m. I’m running slower because I don’t have to hurry up and get to the office (and because I’m just a slow runner). I also have run without my phone a few times because I don’t have to stop and send emails as I think of to-do’s.

Here are other highlights of my non-working:

  • I’ve been to the mall three times. I returned things from three months ago that I’ve been meaning to do. I transferred my phone from a corporate account to a personal one. I spent way to much time thinking about what case to get for my iPhone.
  • I went to a yoga class on Wednesday at 8:20 a.m. And it was packed! “Seven mats to a row, everyone,” said the super relaxed yogi gal. Who are all these morning Namaste-ers?
  • I made a long to-do list for my husband. Actually I condensed two earlier lists into an easier-to-read version. I helpfully reminded him of the new list for several days, including putting it on the Keurig machine.
  • I went for a massage, facial, mani/pedi, visited the chiropractor and acupuncturist, and made quick trips to Target and the grocery store. Each of these things might happen within the month but never within three days.
  • Read social channels way too much. Texted people back within an hour – sometimes even within minutes (punctual or a little creepy?) I’ve also watched about five TED talks – some from 2011.

Here’s what I haven’t done this week:

  • Lost five pounds from all the extra exercise.
  • Prepared homemade meals for my family. Our neighbor friend was over for lunch and asked me to give his mom the recipe for the shrimp nuggets I served. “She’ll need to ask Trader Joe’s for that,” I said.
  • Slept past 6:45 a.m.
  • Booked any of the activities and excursions for the month-long trip to Europe that we leave on in two weeks.
  • Created a presentation for a conference I’m speaking at in San Francisco (hold-over from aforementioned corporate job). I leave a week from tomorrow.
  • Read any of the magazines in the giant stack collected over the last year on my kitchen counter.
  • Selected an iPhone case.

On to week two. This was just a warm up – or cool down? Either way, more time to be explored and many more miles to go.



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