And so I begin…

I was officially done by 10:00 a.m.

It was Monday, June 1, 2015. I dropped off my office equipment, parking badge, office key, and corporate ID. After spending the weekend downloading 8 years worth of personal emails and photos, I was finally untethered from my company, my identity.

I quickly distracted myself with a late lunch of fish tacos with my friend Corey. As we leisurely chatted in a near empty restaurant (given that most people are back to work or life by 2:30 p.m.), our waitress was telling us about her upcoming skydiving trip. She is 24 and I went skydiving when I was 25 so I described the pure rush of leaning into the cold air and then pure peace when floating among the clouds. She reached to fill my water glass and I noticed her wrist tattoo: Faith not fear

I smiled at her story on why she decided to get the tattoo – how she wanted a permanent reminder to make choices based on what good may come. In the last week, I had seen so many quotes – from park benches to Facebook. I felt like words kept finding me so I took these as part of my mental collection.

The rest of the day was an active blur of kid activities, dinner, dog walking, and the slow calm starting to settle on knowing this Monday was like none other I had ever had. It’s normalcy was the very thing that made it different.

I sat outside in the early summer weather and realized something.

I had officially begun at 10:00 a.m.



4 thoughts on “And so I begin…

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